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Solutions for seafood restaurant

The fact that entrepreneurs often have too much pressure should be discharged stress.Nha seafood things happiness brings simple, easy to implement, but the moment that will follow entrepreneurs through life, nothing duoc.Vi comparable to that which brings happiness to the entrepreneurs, the seafood restaurant that also need strict control at all stages to the customer service is the most caring, most professional .
nha hang hai san

Restaurant management system R-Keeper system is controlled by software contained management experience of many countries and many types of restaurants, many of cuisine in the world has 20 years experience in world to address the workflow of seafood restaurants. Characteristics of seafood restaurants with large number of visitors and a deluge in a time when diners should order food, service personnel records with handheld devices (PDAs), or enter directly at the POS machine . Information will be checked and moved to the dispensing unit, from here go to the cook or make food stalls, drinks with a very fast pace a 5-6 finish second order. Most notably, food, drinks can be set according to customer recipes, lobster can be through many stages of processing the soup, I made salad, or baba fish weight and the weight of goods sold members in order to print the seafood counters in the kitchen, the kitchen staff will bring to customers as needed and then enter the weight correctly on the POS. Customers can track the process, duration of food (if desired), the system functions in order to transport (previous dish up, dish up later) will help employees serve customers in order to eat the right ordering of the guests and visitors will be completely satisfied with the service.

All service personnel in the area or areas are required to scan the card. Therefore, the control of working time, productivity is very easy to service. Specifically, the restaurant is very flexible in coordinating staff support each other. In terms of management, everything is clearly on the POS screen. With the number of tourists and frantic in a moment so the payment operations in the R-Keeper is also easy, diverse, user-friendly. The system supports both the design diagram with state goals for management and coordination of all activities in the restaurant ...

A manager can know the working process of the restaurant said the sales, accounting records of the most detailed and accurate.

Management of food inventory is a problem of seafood restaurants, the raw materials such as fish, shrimp, squid, baba, oysters, snails ... and very difficult to preserve the materials will reduce weight and increase weight or die over time. R-Keeper StoreHourse vote will be solved by importing goods, check goods or internal transfer of shares, the permitted level from which plans to import food and reasonable, to avoid wear and damage, loss ...

The Keeper R-module applications in the bar restaurant Seafood:

  • R-Keeper Table Service
  • R-Keeper StoreHouse (SH4)

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