Global R-Keeper:


Integrated management solution recreation, entertainment Game-Keeper includes hardware and specialized software for management and billing of customers based on the model debit card (debit card) only Best. Using a single payment system for all service models:

  • Computer gaming;
  • The game: roller coaster, water park, swings, office ma ...
  • The selling point: a restaurant, café, kiosk selling snacks ...

The point of this gift: prize shop.

Benefits of the solution:

  • Use integrated management systems of all types of entertainment services in your area: Family entertainment centers, resorts, restaurants, clubs ...
  • Use only one payment system (card) to use for the payment of all services and play all the games. Payment cards are debit cards can.
  • Use a database (database) and a central server (server) to the center of the entire transaction with the customer: purchase cards, recharge cards, game cards, the doors card and payment services, such as eating, drinking, watching movies with the card.

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