Global R-Keeper:


About UCSR-Keeper

UCSR-Keeper is one of the leading provider of information technology solutions (software and hardware) for the management and automation of business processes to business establishments in entertainment, restaurants and hotels.


We know that the solution of the system we developed and successfully applied in almost all places is due to really good relationship with customers. That's why we developed the product easy to use, easy to grasp as well as customer service attentive.

Our solutions include modules with different versions appropriate to meet any of the management of all sized businesses from a small cafe to a hotel or recreation area complex the very large. We are proud to offer customers a real system stability and reliability as well as ensure that customers will likely return on investment in the shortest time.

Development History

UCSR-Keeper was established in Cambodia and has grown into a strong. On that basis, we have developed the world-class products focused experience and requirements of customers in many economies, many ways and different business models.

The software solutions we are known for reliability, stability, friendly interface and customization capabilities, high flexibility. That is why so many well-known brands choose our company to be served. Although business is small or large, deploying simple or complex - we assure you that all of our customers will always receive the attention and care needs as well as training and support timely assistance.

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